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~ Hello Everyone! ~

      This is my website Oh Kawaii Kitty! It is a very new website and I am still trying to fix things up. The reason for this is because I am very new at HTML I did this all by myslef with only little help from other websites resources. I hope that you enjoy what is up so far! ^-^

~ Updates ~

      Here are all of the updates that have been made recently on thsi site:

† July 23 - looked and found this layout.
† July 24 - put the layout together and was very pleased. ^-^
† July 25 - Almost everything that I'm going to need for a while is already up. I spent my whole day working on this and there are still errors. But I'm hoping that it will do for all of you guys. I've been up since last night. I've only slept for 2 hours. I got up at 8:20 am this morning and sat at the comp. basically until now. Are you pleased??? I need rest *yawns*

~ Credits ~

† Neko Girl Image came from Advanced Anime
† Burning house picture from About Fire Hazard Insurance

~ The Girl ~
I am called Kitty.
My birthplace is U.S.A.
My eyes are Green, and my hair is a weird blondish brownish redish color.
I love Nature and all creatures.
I am weird and mysterious. Darkness and Light are at War Inside of me.

Name: Kitty
Age: 14
Occupation: Student
Sign: Leo
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